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Loons In The Mist
LOONS IN THE MIST , 20” x 30”, 1978
Globally, there are five species of loons, each in the family Gaviidae. They are all beautiful, well-evolved for diving and strongly associated with northern lands and waters. Loons are one of the most ancient bird families in North America. Fossil evidence suggests that their ancestors lived 65 million years ago and witnessed the end of the dinosaurs.

The common loon is a large bird weighing up to 17 pounds, with denser bones and larger muscles for swimming than most waterfowl. The feet are positioned improbably far back on the body, near the tail which makes walking on land dangerously awkward, Many consider the loon the icon of the north and its call is something quite special. The Koyukon Natives of Alaska describe it as; “The call of the loon is the sound by which all others are measured.” Some describe it as a mournful haunting wolf howl; and once you've heard it you never forget it.