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My passions in life are, family, music and art (and our Great Danes). My occupation in life has always been in the healthcare field so the art and music usually had to take a backseat. I practiced dental surgery in a small town in Muskoka Ontario for 17 years. After that, I switched to the field of medicine and spent 20 years in the field of chronic low back pain. As you can imagine, being in medicine doesn’t leave a lot of extra time for the hobbies. I played as a professional musician for ten years while I was attending university to help pay the bills and tuition. As it goes, my artistic abilities are better than my musical talent, so I ended up spending more time on the art. I did make the time while practicing to have a second career as an artist, and enjoyed many years painting, doing art shows and publishing limited edition prints.

I started painting with acrylics in my late thirties after seeing the book ‘The Art Of Robert Bateman’. I had never seen such beautifully executed paintings of the natural world. I was lucky enough to take painting lesson many times with Robert Bateman, and it established my painting style from then on. Occasionally a painting turns out well, by accident, or luck or a good idea and hard work. Bateman told me an unknown master once said “in order to learn how to paint you have to make two thousand mistakes. Get busy and start making them”. I have been painting (and making mistakes) that way ever since. Although I sell much of my art, I paint mostly for myself because it's creative. It can be relaxing sometimes and frustrating at others, but it's usually a labor of love. As with most artists that paint in a realistic style, I use photographs for my reference material.
Unlike most artists, I don’t paint in a particular genre of art. All of my paintings are ‘realistic’ in style, yet the subject matter varies greatly. I love painting North American and African wildlife,, but I have tried to expand my portfolio by painting landscapes, classical style paintings (like Rembrandt), equestrian subjects and also paintings of Inuit in their native cultural lifestyle. Many of my landscape paintings are the sweeping vistas reminiscent of the American Hudson River School of artists.

I love the process of creating, so painting is a perfect outlet for me. I hope you enjoy the works of art as much as I did painting them.

My art studio at home.
Typical painting day, with helpers Jack and Sidney the cats, and Max and Katie the great Danes. Everyone is working.
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Lawrence A. Dyer (1949) was born and raised in northern Ontario, Canada. Painting in acrylics, the range of his subject matter has varied greatly as his art has evolved over his life. He paints in several different styles of art including landscapes in the style of the Hudson River School of artists, North American and African wildlife, and he portrays Inuit in their traditional lifestyle.

He has had the honor of creating artworks for the World Wildlife Fund, Ducks Unlimited, The Canadian Provincial Wildlife Federations, and limited edition plates for the US Franklin Mint. He was the ‘Artist of the Year’ for the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, and has been featured in ‘Wildlife Art News’ magazine. He has presented his art at the South Eastern Wildlife Exposition. His original paintings are included in many private and corporate art collections. Lawrence currently resides in Odessa Florida.

Lawrence Dyer is an avid conservationist, and an art and healthcare patron. His work has contributed to the fund-raising of the following organizations:
World Wildlife Fund / Canada
World Wildlife Fund / USA
Ducks Unlimited Canada
Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters
British Columbia Wildlife Federation
British Columbia Wolf Preservation
Alberta Fish and Game Association
Crimestoppers, Anti-Poaching Campaign
Northwest Territories Wildlife Federation
New Brunswick Wildlife Federation
South Muskoka Memorial Hospital
Prince Edward Island Wildlife Federation
Quebec Wildlife Federation
Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation
Ontario Humane Society
University Hospital at London
Nova Scotia Wildlife Federation
Manitoba Wildlife Federation
Yukon Fish and Game Association
Ontario Board of Education-Muskoka
Giles de Touret Syndrome Foundation
Muskoka Arts Foundation