FOX SQUIRREL, 22 X 28, 1980
The fox squirrel also known as the eastern fox squirrel or Bryant's fox squirrel, is the largest species of tree squirrel native to North America. They are sometimes mistaken for American red squirrels or eastern gray squirrels in areas where the species co-exist. There are three distinct geographical phases in coloration: In most areas the animals upper body is brown-grey with a brownish-orange underside, while in eastern regions such as the Appalachians there are more strikingly-patterned dark brown and black squirrels with white bands on the face and tail.

This fellow used to live on our property, and when he was small I thought it was a grey squirrel with a fuzzy white tail. As he grew, I realized that he was indeed a fox squirrel.
Fox Squirrel

  2018 Lawrence A. Dyer

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