Giclee Prints: 16" x 28" on canvas mounted on a wood frame. Price $189:95. Insured shipping to USA via UPS Ground with tracking number $14:95
Marlin Breach (Striped Marlin) 16 x 28 2015
This painting captures the acrobatics of a marlin thrashing and breaching the water. The marlin puts up an impressive fight as it attempts to evade being reeled in. This painting was a commission by a game fisherman who caught it off the coast of La Paz Mexico. It was painted from his many photos of the marlin, the landscape and the beautiful color of the water.

The striped marlin is found in tropical to temperate Indo-Pacific oceans not far from the surface. It is a desirable commercial and game fish with a record weight of 420 lbs and a maximum length of 13.8 ft. It is a predator that hunts during the day, often near the surface. Marlin fishing is considered by some game fishermen to be the pinnacle of offshore game fishing, due to the size and power of the four marlin species and their relative rareness.
Marlin Breach

  2018 Lawrence A. Dyer

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