EDGE OF SURVIVAL - COUGARS, 24” x 48” 1991
The cougar is North America’s largest cat. This wary and solitary hunter is a rare sight. They can most often be found in remote, mountainous terrain. The females have their kittens in a simple den, like a rocky crevice or cave. Cougars are known for their large front paws and long tail, which is used for balance. I painted this while taking a wildlife painting course from Glenn Loates, an internationally recognized painter with several books and artwork hanging in the Whitehouse Oval office. He told me the paws were too small and immediately took over the painting and finished the paws. Live and learn.
Edge Of Survival Cougars

 © 2018 Lawrence A. Dyer

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I kept this painting over the years it finally found it's resting place as the centerpiece of our main library in our home. It turned out to be the perfect match for the brazilian mahogany library that I built.