THE WANDA III, 24 x 48, 1991
The painting depicts the private steam yacht the Wanda III travelling on Lake Muskoka where I lived in Ontario Canada. She was built in 1915 for Margaret Eaton, the wife of Timothy Eaton, Canada's department store king. The Wanda was outfitted with an engine of the same design as those in the Canadian Navy Minesweepers during World War I, and she was the fastest boat on the Muskoka Lakes. The painting and limited edition prints were commissioned to help raise money to restore the Wanda.
The other steamship is the RMS Segwun (Ojibwa word 'springtime') which is North America's oldest operating hand-fired steamship, and is the recognized symbol of Muskoka Lakes; with many believing that her haunting whistle sounds out as the official 'heartbeat' which awakens the region each spring. The painting shows the ships passing each other going into and out of Muskoka Bay or Gravenhurst Bay.
The Wanda III

  2023 Lawrence A. Dyer

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