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Grizzly In Snow
GRIZZLY IN SNOW, 12 X 24, 2011
Grizzly bears are majestic symbols of the wild. They are found many different habitats, from dense forests to subalpine meadows, open plains and arctic tundra. Grizzlies have concave faces, a distinctive hump on their shoulders, and long claws about 2-4 long. Grizzlies are often dark brown, but can vary from very light cream to black.

They are omnivores so they eat seeds, berries, roots, grasses, fungi, deer, elk, fish, dead animals and insects. They live 20-25 years. The scientific term for the Grizzly is the brown bear. There is generally much variation in size in different areas. The typically weigh between 250-800 pounds (114-363 kgs). The Kodiak bear, commonly reaches sizes of 660-1,320 lbs (299-362 kgs), and has even been known to exceed 1,500 lbs (680 kg).
Giclee Prints: 12" x 24" on canvas mounted on a wood frame. Price $158.95. Insured shipping to USA via UPS Ground with tracking number $14:95